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Field Hockey Training Program Stick and Speed Skills  


Custom developed training Program by Speed and Agility Expert Scott Lancaster and Darien Head Field Hockey Coach Mo Minicus,


Three 60-minute sessions per week.

21 Hours Of Training 

Focusing on Speed, Agility, Strength, Conditioning in combination with Stick + Position Skills and Tactics!

Speed, Agility and Strength

Field Hockey is played and executed in a series of low body positions.  Champions of Speed Training prepares you for the low body plane execution of skills.  This requires a consistent training regime of:

  • Low body plane movement techniques and drills

  • Rotational power

  • Core and lower body strengthening and conditioning

  • Improves quickness of stick and footwork

This integrated training combination of Stick Skill & Tactics in conjunction with
Speed & Agility develops and enhances  important Field Hockey Skills for each athlete that participates.

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