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CBS Football TV & Radio Analyst & Former NFL Player

"Scott Lancaster has ignited a much needed revolution in youth sports that will set it in the right direction for generations to come."


2016 Travel Team Director, West Side Soccer League, New York, NY

"Bottom line, Scott Lancaster has enhanced our on-field performance and produced substantial results for our 32 West Side Soccer travel soccer teams. As the Travel Soccer Director, I've seen our teams' overall speed improve - we now execute on-field skills at a much faster pace with better efficiency.  On a broader scale, we are impressed with how Scott has conditioned, educated, and better prepared our athletes to compete throughout an entire season of competitive play while substantially decreasing injuries. Combine that with the type of confidence our players now have in themselves, Scott Lancaster has become an invaluable resource to our success."


NFL Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks

"Scott Lancaster has developed a proven model that gets and your kids off the couch and
sidelines and onto a lifelong journey of constructive learning and playing."


2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist - Freestyle Skiing


2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist - Freestyle Skiing

"Scott Lancaster has developed the foundation for preparing any young athlete to reach his or her full potential through innovative and kid-friendly training methods."

"My 13 year old son Luke plays a competitive level of soccer and it is histrue passion!   The one facet of his game that he has struggled with over the past few years is speed.  His coach would tell him he needs to get faster and he would work on his own at doing sprints but it was not really making a recognizable difference.  He also suffered a hip flexor injury and had to do PT and sit out for 6 weeks.  He was very concerned about going back and being even slower and also risking another injury.


And then we heard about speed and agility trainer Scott Lancaster..... he was an absolute "game changer" for Luke.   Scott had personally experienced hip flexor injuries so he worked w/ Luke on how to protect himself from a repeat injury with specific stretches.   In addition he worked on balance, acceleration and deceleration which simply made Luke stronger and FASTER. He now knows how to get his body at full speed much quicker and his running form is excellent.   Luke is having a terrific season and the work he did with Scott over the summer had him in great shape and well prepared for the season.


We will continue to work with Scott because we believe that athletes benefit from a "tune up" and it will make him stronger and less likely to get injured."



"Alex's freshman relay race team came in first in the multi school meet today.  In talking about Alex's improved form and strength, Angela mentioned that the improvement started last summer with Scott's sessions.  I was surprised by Angela's observation because she has not seen the sessions.  Angela explained that she has seen Alex's form improve dramatically when she goes running in the park with him. In the past, Angela would point out runners with good form and suggest that Alex follow their example but this approach was ineffective.  Alex posture is much better and his movements are much tighter, no floppiness."

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