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The key to success is speed.  If you want to win in sport you need to be just a little faster than all the rest. It’s not so much about strength and power. It’s about speed.


Pep Guardiola, Manchester City

Soccer Match Victory

The Champions of Speed Soccer Program has improved the speed and movement skills of thousands of Collegiate and Top High School Soccer Players throughout the Northeast.


Our unique and customized Soccer Speed and Agility Training Program improves on-field performance through our proprietary combination of fundamental movement and soccer specific skill instruction.

Ready to Kick

We enhance every athlete’s performance by improving and combining the fundamental athletic elements of Speed, Agility, Balance, Power, & Strength with a player’s specific Soccer Skills.


The most important and distinguishing skill for a soccer player. Whether it’s your ability to regain or keep possession, execute more accurate short and long range passes, create shots on goal with improved velocity, or avoid an opponent, etc., it’s a significant difference maker. We improve your speed by properly instructing you to improve your acceleration and develop better first step movement.


The quicker a player’s footwork the better the soccer player. To improve a player’s skills we teach athletes how to play “up on the balls” of their feet, and avoid playing  “flat-footed.  We emphasize how to quickly change direction, with and without the ball, by effectively transferring weight and creating the space necessary to get past/around opponents, in addition to producing quick and accurate shots with maximum velocity.


One of the most overlooked fundamental skills is an athlete’s ability to maintain their balance and  execute plays when off-balance. We spend time to develop every athlete’s stability from their feet to their core. We train players to maintain their position when battling an opponent, sprinting downfield (with or without the ball), by incorporating innovative and proven training techniques that teach players how to use center-of gravity and body leverage to their advantage.


It’s essential that soccer players learn to effectively use their power to accelerate, change speeds, maintain their velocity, and establish the stability to move in lateral directions quickly with precision while executing soccer specific skills. Our innovative power development sessions focus on correctly applying the proper movement techniques to produce maximum force quickly.


The ability to generate force relative to your body weight in order to deliver a header, ball strike, maintain your position while executing a play, or fend off an opponent, is developed in the off-season through our full regiment of body weight training. We focus on both Static Strength (i.e. improving your ability to maintain your position when a ball is crossed into the box) and Dynamic Strength (i.e. the ability to produce force on your shot when moving at a high velocity).


All our training focuses on preventing injuries. We focus on stabilizing the ankles, knees, and hips, by strengthening the areas supporting those joints through different customized training for females and males while strictly following the stages of age development.

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