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Author - Fair Play; Athletic Fitness For Kids; Beyond Winning

NFL - Developed and spearheaded NFL Youth Player and Coaching programs. 

PGA - Created Interactive Youth Instructional Program for PGA teaching pros. 

US Soccer - Created a nationwide network of player development programs.

Founder/CEO, Cheetah Athletic Trainig, a full service athletic performance company specializing in movement, speed, conditioning, injury prevention, mindset and rehabilitation.

Performance Coach & Consultant - West Side Soccer League in Manhattan, Darian High School Nationally Ranked Girls Lacrosse & Field Hockey Team.

Founder/CEO, Trick It Out Sports - sports specific instructional & competition app.

We train athletes to move quickly  and efficiently in multiple directions:

The true art to developing the most complete and fundamentally sound athlete, who fulfills their potential at the highest level of competition, is based first and foremost on the development of fundamental movement skills.  A complete athlete must move in any direction with fluidity, quickness, strength/power, and speed.  This requires complete body awareness, coordination, and the ability to return the body back to center (balanced) as quickly as possible while executing sport specific skills, even when off-balance.


There are dozens of movement variables and playing situations that may occur throughout the course of a game. Is your young athlete trained and prepared to execute when these situations occur?  Champions of Speed Training prepare athletes to master the necessary movement patterns, that become second nature, when facing the hundreds of scenarios that arise during competition.  

We improve speed:

The most fundamental skill in sports is running. Yet rarely are athletes taught how to run correctly. Proper running form is one of our main focuses at Champions of Speed Training.  It’s one of the most essential skills needed to improve athletic performance.

We Proactively Prevent Injuries:

The American Athlete is over-trained to be stronger in the front of their bodies.  This creates imbalances where the body is front loaded with muscle (chest, shoulders, thighs, biceps, & abs) without the necessary supported strength from behind (back, tri-ceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves).  This results in chronic injuries that can last a lifetime.  Lower Back, Hip, Hamstring, ACL, Achilles Tendons are all the body parts effected by overtraining the front of the body and neglecting the back of the body.  Unfortunately this leaves female athletes more vulnerable to injuries due to the fact that we train females like men (also trained incorrectly) with an emphasis on the front side of the body.

We emphasize strengthening the lower back, glutes, and hips allowing female athletes to develop the necessary strength to protect their bodies from injuries while providing a large advantage over their competition.

Key Components to Champions of Speed Training

In order to build the proper foundation for optimal performance and keep the athlete safe we focus on the following components:


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Running Form

The most basic and overlooked skill in sports today is running.  If you don’t run properly an athlete is at a significant disadvantage...more


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