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Custom developed training Program by Speed and Agility Expert Scott Lancaster 

up to 48 SESSIONS

Three 60-minute sessions per week.

(or customize it for your schedule)

up to 48 Hours Of Training 

Focusing on health and getting in shape  

Get Healthy + Get In Shape

With Outdoor Training!

Outdoor cold weather training has MANY benefits:

  • According to CDC working out in cold weather boosts your immunity, and helps prevent simple bacterial and viral infections.

  • Exercising in extreme temperatures,  helps enhance endurance and mental edge.

  • Cold weather exercise is a great way to get some sunlight which can help  improve mood and bootst your vitamin D, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

  • In the cold, your body regulates its temperature a bit better allowing you to  exercise longer; helping burn even more calories, according to AHA.

Cold weather workouts accelerate your fitness and metabolism fully preparing you for Spring and Summer.

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